Room of the Month – Master Bedroom


In any home, the Master Bedroom is much more than just a place to rest your head at the end of the day. It should also be a sanctuary or personal retreat. So, it’s important when looking at Steamboat Springs real estate that your new Master Bedroom have all the qualities you’re looking for.

Following are some points to consider when evaluating your potential new Master Bedroom. First, and foremost, how large is the room? Size is important, especially if you have a king or California king bed. In addition to the bed, also take into consideration other furniture. A popular trend in homes for sale in Steamboat Springs, CO is large-scale wooden furniture. If your furniture is what is considered “oversized,” or if you plan to decorate with larger pieces, it’s important to have adequate space for the furniture and still be able to move around freely.

And if you don’t have large pieces of furniture, how will they fit the space? Will they feel too small? Always consider proportions when evaluating overall space.

Master Bedrooms available in Steamboat Springs, CO real estate may also be much more than just a place to sleep. Your potential new Master Bedroom could have a sitting area, or even a sitting room, attached. Is a sitting room something you are interested in? If you have a young child, or are thinking about having a baby, having that kind of space could be perfect as a nursery.

Next, consider closets. Steamboat Springs homes for sale will almost always have at least one walk-in closet. It’s up to you to decide how much space you need in your closets. Is there just one walk in closet? Are there two? How would you feel about sharing closet space? Can more than one person be in the closet at once? Is it wide open or narrow? Sometimes the walk-in closet can be between the Master Bedroom and Master Bath. Decide if you want to have to walk through your closet to get to the bathroom or if you would prefer everything to be more separate.

There are also layouts that mean walking through the Master Bath to reach the closet. Consider the privacy implications when looking at the layout of the Master Bedroom, bathroom and closet as it pertains to your style, taste and needs.

So, we’ve broached the subject of how the Master Bedroom is within itself. What about in relation to the rest of the home? Available real estate in Steamboat Springs, CO will provide you with no shortage of variety, so finding the layout you like is critical. Is the Master Bedroom on the first floor? Is it located off of, or adjacent to, common areas? Or is it upstairs with the rest of the bedrooms?

Does it offer enough privacy? Possibly, too much? If you have young children, you may want the Master Bedroom to be private, but not too removed from the rest of the house. If you are looking at ranches in Steamboat Springs, CO the bedrooms can be on opposite sides of the house. That can be wonderful for solitude, and for houseguests, but you need to also make sure you feel comfortable with how it connects to the rest of the house and your family.

Also, ask yourself about lighting? What direction does the Master Bedroom face? The direction it faces will affect both light and passive solar heat. Facing East is wonderful for morning people, while facing South will ensure it’s always warm and cozy. Also consider, does it have a lot of natural light? Built in light fixtures? Or will you need to decorate with lamps?

And, in this age of total connectedness, is your potential Master Bedroom wired properly for your needs? Is it pre-wired for a wall-mounted TV or surround sound? Is that something you’re looking for?

How about the floors? Are they hardwood, carpet or tile? Do you have a preference? Even if the rest of the house is tiled or utilizes hardwoods, a lot of people looking at homes in Steamboat Springs like carpet or heated floors for the Master Bedroom as it can keep feet warm during the cold winter months.

Finally, consider the features it provides. How is the view? Views are always of paramount concern when looking at real estate in Steamboat Springs. Think about where your furniture will go and the view you’ll be waking up to. Does it have a fireplace? Does it provide the right ambiance for your needs? Is it romantic? Rustic? Does it feel like a place you can really relax? What about a vaulted ceiling which can really open a space up. All of these aspects work together to create the aesthetic experience of what can, and should be, a haven for you.

The Master Bedroom is among the most important rooms in your house. We hope these suggestions will help you get a picture of what you’re looking for and what will suit your needs as you search for your perfect Steamboat Springs home.



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