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Room of the Month – Master Bedroom


In any home, the Master Bedroom is much more than just a place to rest your head at the end of the day. It should also be a sanctuary or personal retreat. So, it’s important when looking at Steamboat Springs real estate that your new Master Bedroom have all the qualities you’re looking for.

Following are some points to consider when evaluating your potential new Master Bedroom. First, and foremost, how large is the room? Size is important, especially if you have a king or California king bed. In addition to the bed, also take into consideration other furniture. A popular trend in homes for sale in Steamboat Springs, CO is large-scale wooden furniture. If your furniture is what is considered “oversized,” or if you plan to decorate with larger pieces, it’s important to have adequate space for the furniture and still be able to move around freely.

And if you don’t have large pieces of furniture, how will they fit the space? Will they feel too small? Always consider proportions when evaluating overall space.

Master Bedrooms available in Steamboat Springs, CO real estate may also be much more than just a place to sleep. Your potential new Master Bedroom could have a sitting area, or even a sitting room, attached. Is a sitting room something you are interested in? If you have a young child, or are thinking about having a baby, having that kind of space could be perfect as a nursery.

Next, consider closets. Steamboat Springs homes for sale will almost always have at least one walk-in closet. It’s up to you to decide how much space you need in your closets. Is there just one walk in closet? Are there two? How would you feel about sharing closet space? Can more than one person be in the closet at once? Is it wide open or narrow? Sometimes the walk-in closet can be between the Master Bedroom and Master Bath. Decide if you want to have to walk through your closet to get to the bathroom or if you would prefer everything to be more separate.

There are also layouts that mean walking through the Master Bath to reach the closet. Consider the privacy implications when looking at the layout of the Master Bedroom, bathroom and closet as it pertains to your style, taste and needs.

So, we’ve broached the subject of how the Master Bedroom is within itself. What about in relation to the rest of the home? Available real estate in Steamboat Springs, CO will provide you with no shortage of variety, so finding the layout you like is critical. Is the Master Bedroom on the first floor? Is it located off of, or adjacent to, common areas? Or is it upstairs with the rest of the bedrooms?

Does it offer enough privacy? Possibly, too much? If you have young children, you may want the Master Bedroom to be private, but not too removed from the rest of the house. If you are looking at ranches in Steamboat Springs, CO the bedrooms can be on opposite sides of the house. That can be wonderful for solitude, and for houseguests, but you need to also make sure you feel comfortable with how it connects to the rest of the house and your family.

Also, ask yourself about lighting? What direction does the Master Bedroom face? The direction it faces will affect both light and passive solar heat. Facing East is wonderful for morning people, while facing South will ensure it’s always warm and cozy. Also consider, does it have a lot of natural light? Built in light fixtures? Or will you need to decorate with lamps?

And, in this age of total connectedness, is your potential Master Bedroom wired properly for your needs? Is it pre-wired for a wall-mounted TV or surround sound? Is that something you’re looking for?

How about the floors? Are they hardwood, carpet or tile? Do you have a preference? Even if the rest of the house is tiled or utilizes hardwoods, a lot of people looking at homes in Steamboat Springs like carpet or heated floors for the Master Bedroom as it can keep feet warm during the cold winter months.

Finally, consider the features it provides. How is the view? Views are always of paramount concern when looking at real estate in Steamboat Springs. Think about where your furniture will go and the view you’ll be waking up to. Does it have a fireplace? Does it provide the right ambiance for your needs? Is it romantic? Rustic? Does it feel like a place you can really relax? What about a vaulted ceiling which can really open a space up. All of these aspects work together to create the aesthetic experience of what can, and should be, a haven for you.

The Master Bedroom is among the most important rooms in your house. We hope these suggestions will help you get a picture of what you’re looking for and what will suit your needs as you search for your perfect Steamboat Springs home.



Your Living Room: The name says it all.

Living Room

More than being the literal, or figurative, center of your home, the living room must feel like one; drawing you in, welcoming you, encouraging your guests to stay a little longer. And when looking for Steamboat Springs real estate, your future living room should speak to you.

With real estate in Steamboat Springs, CO, homes are sited to maximize the spectacular 360° views, and living rooms are integral to that. They can exquisitely frame the outdoors, even invite the outdoors in. And whether a living room is comfortable and cozy or grand and elegant, a living room should always be one thing: a reflection of you.

Here are a few things to consider for your living room during your Steamboat real estate search:

  • First, and foremost, how does the space feel? Is it open and welcoming? Or is it more separate from the rest of the house? Consider how you plan to use the space, is it for more formal entertaining? Or is it a place to gather at the end of a day on the mountain? Both?
  • Next, how is it laid out? Some buyers prefer a very open concept in which the living room is connected to the kitchen. Others searching for homes in Steamboat Springs want a living room that’s separate from the kitchen for a quieter space with less traffic. “Flow” is a word used a lot in real estate searches, and there’s a reason for that. As you walk between rooms, feel how they connect to each other, and make sure how the living room connects to other rooms works for you.
  • As you walk through potential homes, also be aware of what is easily changed and what isn’t. When you first walk in to what might be your new living room, the color palette may not suit your taste. Look past the color to the actual features of the room. Repainting is easy, moving a window or fireplace is not. Speaking of fireplaces, most, if not all, Steamboat Springs real estate for sale will feature at least one fireplace. So, look at how the fireplace is situated within the living room. It may be a focal point of the room, or it could be more functional. Do you have a preference?
  • Lighting is also a factor to consider. Is there a lot of natural light? A lot of windows? Does the living room feature built-in lighting? Are you facing north, south, east, or west? The direction your living room faces will affect both light and temperature. If the living room is oriented to the south and/or west, you will enjoy passive solar which will keep your living room warm and toasty.
  • Heat is always a hot topic with Steamboat real estate. The winters are gorgeous and snowy, which has increased the popularity of heated floors. It’s a wonderful feature, but can be complicated to install. So, if radiant heat floors are important to you, make sure you ask your realtor about them.
  • Have you considered having a wet bar in your living room? It could be a fantastic addition to a living room, especially if the home does not have what is considered an open floor plan. A wet bar can cut down on trips to the kitchen and makes entertaining a breeze. If the home your considering doesn’t have a wet bar, installing one could make your living room that much more enjoyable.
  • And what about technology? Today’s living rooms are wired for everything from surround sound to wall-mounted smart televisions and wi-fi. It’s important to make sure your new living room is wired the way you want it to be.
  • Finally, what floor is the living room on? It may seem an odd question, but homes for sale in Steamboat Springs, Colorado don’t always have the living room on the main floor, where they are traditionally found. To really make the most of the Yampa Valley’s spectacular views, the living room may be upstairs or downstairs. These non-traditional layouts can add an intriguing layer to the aesthetic of your house. You just have to find what’s right for you, your family and guests.

Whether you are looking at ranches for sale in Steamboat Springs, a mountain retreat or a valley property on the river or by a lake, it’s the living room that sets the tone for the house. And, while everything we’ve mentioned is important, it’s also important to go with how you feel. Steamboat Springs real estate has something for everyone, and it starts with the perfect living room.


Room of the Month: The Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

When it comes to buying a home, there are usually several aspects that a potential buyer should consider before finalizing the purchase of a new home. The location of the home is usually a big selling point, in addition to the potential resale value and the overall look of the home. In addition, it is not uncommon for a buyer to present a list of negotiable and non-negotiable features of a home.

The master bathroom in any home is usually considered a luxurious space. Homes that feature a master bathroom within the master bedroom suite have always had a significantly higher resale price. This is a feature that a lot of buyers consider non-negotiable. If you happen to be in the market for a new home and are trying to figure out what exactly you should be looking for in the master bathroom, we recommend this checklist when viewing homes:

  • Does the size of the master bathroom meet your particular needs?
  • Is the master bathroom new? When was the last time it was updated?
  • Check the cabinets below the sink and any other storage areas to ensure an adequate amount of storage space. Is there a linen closet available elsewhere in the home, if adequate space is not provided?
  • What type of flooring does it offer? Is it tile? What about stone? Is the floor heated?
  • Inspect the lighting and make certain that it provides adequate illumination.
  • What type of sink does it offer? A double-sink is more desirable, especially for couples.
  • What, if any, windows are available? Does the window provide a view of Steamboat Springs?
  • What kind of technology is available within the master bathroom? Does the shower have digital controls? Can the lighting be personalized through phone apps?
  • Inspect the fixtures such as shower head and sink. Do they need to be upgraded?
  • Do the aesthetics match what you had envisioned? Is the look something you would be ok with seeing for the next 5, 10 or 20 years?
  • Is the toilet large enough and comfortable enough to meet your needs?
  • Discuss the water usage rate for that particular home, and if the faucets pare the flow without changing the bathing or washing experience.
  • Does the master bathroom include features like a dual showerhead? Does it come with a separate shower and bath combination? Does it have a soaker tub with jets?
  • Does the master bathroom have the necessary safety devices? Do you need grab bars in the tub and around the toilet? (over 235,000 men and women over the age of 15 visit emergency rooms due to injuries sustained in the bathroom)

With this quick checklist in mind, it should make it a lot easier to determine if the master bathroom will meet your needs. In general, men and women who are 35 and older tend to be the targeted demographic for master bathrooms.  A personalized and very functional master bathroom remains a high priority for home buyers.

Since Steamboat Springs is a world-class skiing town, it makes sense to determine if a bathtub is available, and if it would be able to handle deep-soaking. Skiing and snowboarding takes quite a bit out of one’s body, and being able to soak tired muscle at the end of the day can provide great health benefits and alleviate certain pains and soreness. This is a great point to consider since those who are looking for homes in Steamboat will likely have a different mindset than traditional homebuyers.

The master bathroom is always a fantastic selling point, but it especially carries weight for those looking to purchase a home in Steamboat Springs, CO. Buyers may use their home to entertain guests, or even rent their home during the heavily-visited months of the year. It is important to take into account the specific needs for living in Steamboat Springs, and what is on your list of negotiables and non-negotiables for purchasing a home in Steamboat.

With this checklist for a master bathroom in mind, searching for and purchasing real estate in Steamboat Springs will be that much easier.


Room of the Month: Kitchen


What are the main things that catch your eye when you are looking to purchase a home? Is it the size? Overall functionality of the home? How aesthetically pleasing it is? Storage space? Or is it the location? Each home has its own unique qualities that set it apart.

This month, we will be looking at what makes the kitchen a captivating part of the home.  For anyone looking to purchase real estate in Steamboat Springs, CO, the kitchen is an integral part of the decision making process. While there will undoubtedly be differences of opinion, there are key elements that everyone should be reviewing when purchasing a home.

A kitchen is often considered the focal point of the house, considering much of our lives revolve around it. A kitchen should deliver the following: storage space, usable space, pleasing aesthetics and a good floor plan. While these can all be subjective, each of these items should be considered in the buying process.

Storage Space
Storage space is a critical element due to the nature of how a kitchen functions. If there is not enough room to store pots, pans, dishes, or organize everything within it, it will appear far smaller and become very cluttered. This is something to keep in mind, especially if you tend to cook often or entertain guests on a regular basis.

Usable Space
The usable space is another aspect that a homebuyer should pay attention to.  Does it have enough counter space? Can you move your whole family throughout it without there being too much of a traffic jam? Can you envision accomplishing every task in that kitchen with a minimum of disruption? Addressing this will help you make a better decision.

Aesthetics will play an important role in purchasing a home. Your realtor will help you understand different types of cabinetry and countertops. Make sure they are the material, quality and color you are looking for in your dream home. Have you also considered the lighting? The flooring? Are the appliances what you dreamed of? Try to break down each visual component of the kitchen when determining if it’s what you are looking for in the purchase of your next home.

Floor Plan
The Floor Plan will be another item of consideration with regards to how the kitchen fits into the rest of the home. For example, how does the kitchen flow in relation to the adjacent rooms? Is it a difficult room to access? Does it create a traffic jam when entertaining guests? Is there more than one entrance/exit? Does the location of the appliances, sinks, and cabinets make sense for you? The location and overall flow of the kitchen can make a very big difference. These are all aspects to keep in mind while searching for your dream real estate in Steamboat Springs.

Potential buyers should also be keeping a checklist in mind when viewing a kitchen:

  • Are the kitchen style and colors what you are looking for in your dream home?
  • Is the kitchen set up to accommodate your family and guests?
  • Are the appliances the quality you are looking for in your dream home?
  • Does the kitchen have all the appliances you were looking for in a home? If not, can the kitchen accommodate new appliances to better meet your needs?
  • Are the countertops the color and quality you were looking for in your new home?
  • Is the flooring what you want in a kitchen?
  • Are the cabinets and drawers the level of quality and material that you were looking for?
  • Have you made sure to inspect each drawer and cabinet to make sure it fits your criteria and desires?
  • Will the kitchen work well if you plan to have a personal chef or steward/butler?
  • Is the kitchen ideal for your entertaining purposes?
  • Will this kitchen work as a rental (if you plan to rent your home)?

With this checklist in mind, it should be relatively easy to determine whether or not a particular kitchen would suit your needs.  You will undoubtedly encounter a variety of kitchens during your search for homes for sale in Steamboat Springs, CO, so by having a list handy of things to check, it will help with your decision-making process.

Living in Steamboat Springs may mean that purchasing a home will have different requirements than a traditional home purchase.  Steamboat is known for its world class skiing and summer resort activities.  You may be looking for a home that will meet your needs to entertain guests who are vacationing, or perhaps you might  rent your home.  So when searching for the right kitchen, factor in these needs that are specific to Steamboat Springs, CO.

Ultimately, a buyer can determine whether or not a particular kitchen meets their needs by first determining if it serves its purpose and functions well, then by going through a checklist to see if the various features are reliable and in good shape, and if it is aesthetically pleasing and provides utility.  With these ideas in mind, searching for and buying real estate in Steamboat Springs will be a more pleasurable experience.


Steamboat Springs: Real Estate of the Future

Steamboat Sotheby's International Realty Resort Report Year-End 2015 -

Steamboat Springs continues to thrive each year as a family-oriented and friendly town, and judging by the continual growth in the resort market, it also remains one of the most intriguing real-estate markets of its kind.

Doug Labor, the Downtown General Manager/Associate Broker at Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty had this to say: “The Steamboat Springs real estate market improved in every segment of the market in 2015, with the most significant improvement in one of the categories Steamboat is best known for – land, where activity increased a substantial 25% over 2014. Equally impressive is an 11% increase in condominium transactions. With the excitement of the downtown and ski village revitalization efforts now taking shape, it is only natural to expect the real estate market in Ski Town, USA, to continue on its upward path.”

When you compare Steamboat Springs against the other major players in the resort real estate market, there is no doubt that there is steady growth. While each of these various towns throughout the USA offer positive aspects when it comes to purchasing real estate, there is a reason that Steamboat Springs continues to show growth faster than most.

Below are the various resort towns to purchase homes, and what makes each of them unique. Keep reading to find out why Steamboat Springs is THE premiere location for anyone looking to invest in a home, condo or property compared to  various other ski resorts.


Colorado continues to offer some of the best resort real estate markets in the country. From 2014 to 2015, however, some of these resort towns saw changes in the number of homes sold. For example, Crested Butte, Colorado saw their overall market grow by 9 percent, with land sales increasing by 56 percent.  Aspen, Colorado is another popular location that is at the ultra-luxury end of the real estate market. There continues to be a shortage of inventory for properties in this region and although that is a good overall sign, it makes it difficult to find particular land or homes within a reasonable budget.

Vail Valley, Breckenridge and Telluride, Colorado are also well-known resort real estate markets in Colorado. Vail Valley has been an iconic location for years, and hosted the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. It’s a classic ski town with dining, shopping and fine art galleries. Altogether the outlook for 2016 remains positive for the market there.

Breckenridge, Colorado, offers a more laid-back appeal and quaint Victorian charm.  Only a 90-minute drive from Denver, it’s a great choice for those who still want to maintain a sense of closeness to the city. As for Telluride, it started as a mining town in the south-western corner of the state. The 1970’s began its reign as a ski resort town, and it is valued highly for its natural beauty and focus on outdoor activities. 2015 saw a minor decrease in the volume of homes sold, but it could trend upward for 2016.


Lake Tahoe is one of the premiere skiing destinations in the country, and offers year-round excitement and recreation. Many of these properties are located close to at least a dozen different ski resorts; Lake Tahoe also sees 300 days of sunshine a year. With a beautiful lake at the center of it all, the downside tends to be homes being sought at a higher price. Great for a seller, but a bit tough if one is looking to purchase. Sales growth is projected to rise in the luxury sector for 2016, so it will be an interesting year for this location.


Park City is a world-class skiing location, along with plenty of unique features, such as being home to the Sundance Film Festival.  It is remote enough to appeal to those looking for a getaway, yet also relevant enough to warrant a rise in interest over the past year. The market looks to continue to grow with a reduction in the overall number of days that properties are expected to remain on the market.


With the most skiing terrain available compared to other locations across the United States, Big Sky, Montana is a great location in the Rocky Mountains.  It offers numerous outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting, fishing, as well as a variety of dining and entertainment options. The downside is that it is a tough market, as there hasn’t been that many newer homes built in the area. It will be interesting to see how 2016 pans out for Big Sky.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming offers a really thriving art and cultural scene, and it is placed in a beautiful region of the Tetons in the western part of the state. Jackson Hole has seen a significant surge in terms of their overall real estate market going from 2014 to 2015. It offers two of the top ski resorts in the nation, and there seems to be an increasing interest in this location each year.

New Mexico

Santa Fe is one of the more unique locations when it comes to real estate near ski resorts. Along with its diverse cultural scene, the air quality index is ranked as one of the highest in the nation. A vibrant art scene as well as numerous outdoor activities, restaurants and museums only adds to the appeal. The average price for homes in this region is low, however, there is expectation of continued interest and growth due to the variety of qualities that this city has to offer.


Sun Valley, Idaho is a more European-style village located in the Wood River Valley. The housing market continues to grow steadily, in large part to its charm and appeal, as well as its surge in winter traffic. Expectations for 2016 are for solid growth, especially with homes and condo prices close to a third less than other markets.

Why Choose Steamboat Springs?

Now that we have been able to take a glance on what the real estate markets have been like for a variety of other locations, as well what each location has to offer, let’s take a closer look on why Steamboat Springs remains one of the premiere real estate markets for ski resorts.

The Steamboat Springs region has undergone a bit of a renaissance, and is putting Steamboat Springs as THE premiere location for anyone looking to invest in a home, condo or property near or around various ski resorts. Millions of dollars have poured in and have been invested in what is arguably the most desirable location for thousands of individuals. The number of interested homebuyers continues to grow significantly each year, and the ski resort revitalization projects have not escaped notice. Priced very well for its market, the real estate market continues to explode and looks to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

What specifically makes Steamboat different from other resort markets?

  1. With a world-class ski resort right in town, Steamboat’s real estate market could command top dollars. However, in this market you will have strong purchasing power. This means the same luxury home with exquisite finishes in Aspen, Vail or Telluride, is significantly less here in Steamboat. The same applies to all levels of the Real Estate market.
  2. Steamboat is a town first and ski resort second. Steamboat is a community that takes pride in where they live. As a community, Steamboat treats visitors as guests, not tourists.
  3. Although Steamboat may have two conflicting identities between its cowboy roots and rich cultural desires, the town has managed to balance both very well.

As we continue forward into 2016, The Vanatta Group is excited to be part of the incredible growth in this community as the best real estate team available to buy or sell your home.

Click here for full report. 

Looking for More Home and to Pay Less?

Stagecoach Reservoir


If you are looking to get more for your money and a short drive to town doesn’t bother you? Stagecoach and the surrounding area might be the perfect choice. There are a variety of homes for sale in Stagecoach from townhomes to small or mid-sized homes and even luxury mountain homes.

Located just 20 miles south of Steamboat Springs, CO, Stagecoach offers a myriad of recreation year round with Stagecoach Reservoir giving the perfect scenic backdrop to the area. In the summer, there is a vibe of lake living with boats, paddle boards, and even a fun beach area to hang with friends and family complete with a beach volleyball court. In the winter, the jet skis give way to the snowmobiles and fishing on the lake turns into fishing on the ice for the hearty built fisherman. There are lots of activities in Stagecoach off of the lake as well that include scenic hikes, great campsites and fantastic trails for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

There are so many types of homes for sale in Stagecoach. You can easily find condo/townhome living, more affordable single family homes or luxury mountain homes with the finest of finishes. Your real estate options range in price from roughly $200,000 to $12 million. Or maybe you want to build your dream home or vacation getaway in Colorado Rocky Mountains near world class skiing in the winter and summer lake life. The land opportunities are vast and range in price from under $10,000 to over $2 million for under an acre to over hundreds of acres.  No matter what you choose, the views and scenery in the Stagecoach area are spectacular. You could look out over the lake with a scenic mountain backdrop or feel seclude tucked in the trees.

There is a certain lifestyle that comes with Stagecoach living. Is it for you? The experience is a little remote with more effort to get to the grocery store or Movie Theater, but creates your own little piece of paradise away from it all.

One of the great appeals of real estate in Stagecoach comes down three big benefits; more bang for the buck, land and space and the feeling of rural living away from the “busy city” of Steamboat Springs.  With the bountiful amount of activities and the short drive to Oak Creek or Steamboat Springs, Stagecoach is wonderful choice for homes for sale outside of Steamboat Springs, CO with the ability to get a lot more house for a lot less price.

To search for homes for sale in Stagecoach currently on the market, start your search here.

Steamboat Is a Treasure Trove of All Types of Homes

Estate in Steamboat Springs, CO


Steamboat Springs, situated within the Northwest region of Colorado and tucked into the Yampa Valley, provides a heavenly summer and winter-wonderland for the lucky individuals that get to call it home. Steamboat provides an abundance of winter and summer activities, dining, and unique Rocky Mountain attractions. Steamboat also provides a variety of options for homes for sale in Steamboat Springs, CO. Below are what we have categorized as the different types of Real Estate.

Single Family Homes

Looking for a perfect place for you and your family? See how charming life can be in Steamboat. Whether you are looking for wood floors, stainless steel appliances, main level master, or granite countertops, The Vanatta Group can help you find a home that perfectly captures the essence of life in Steamboat Springs.
Don’t miss this Steamboat Springs Real Estate listing for this Single Family home.


Townhomes are part of the offering in Steamboat as well! Traditionally, a townhome is a modern home offered with a smaller footprint on multiple levels. Surprisingly enough, townhomes were originally owned by wealthy city dwellers, who owned a house in the country that they lived in most of the year. We have luxury townhomes in Steamboat Springs that provide a unique living experience in the Yampa Valley.

This incredible townhome is at the top of a cul-de-sac and features a complete remodeling that will leave you breathless! Anderson Kenny of New York was the lead in this remodeling job, and you can see his work in every aspect of the home. Each bedroom has its own bath, there are custom kitchen cabinets that stretch to the ceiling, includes a walk-in pantry and incredible stained wood floors. This is one you have to see to believe, and also dramatically alters anyone’s viewpoint of Steamboat being just a “ski lodge” town.


Condos are very popular in a ski town, for fairly obvious reasons. A condo is a form of housing or real estate, in which a specific portion of the realty property is owned by an individual. Our condos can range from the typical multiple bedroom family home, vacation type rental home, all the way to larger penthouse style condos.

If you are looking for condos, make sure to take a look at this listing.


Looking for an abundance of space and luxury? Consider an estate, perhaps even a mountain estate, with houses and outbuilding on very large pieces of property in Northwest Colorado. This can potentially encompass multiple farms, or large amounts of farm land. Imagine a 10,000 square foot property, between 100-200 square feet, ponds, camping cabins, hot tubs, and more, all within arguably one of the most beautiful places in Colorado.

Here is a perfect example of an Estate in Steamboat Springs, CO.


For some, Ski-in/Ski-Out is a must for some people looking for property in Steamboat Springs, CO. This means that your property is situated in a location where you can easily access the mountain straight from your property. Walk out your door, throw on your skis, and easily access the mountain for a day of glorious downhill turns. We provide some of the ultimate Ski-in/Ski-Out properties, where you have direct access to the mountain right out your back patio.

Make sure to check out this ultimate Ski-in/Ski-out Edgemont property here.

Sanctuary Homes

The Sanctuary in Steamboat Springs is one of the more prestigious luxury neighborhoods in the area, and continues to prove why this town is growing in popularity. It is located not far from both downtown Steamboat and the ski resort regions. What makes this location even more popular is the cross country skiing and golf that are located right outside your door.

This home is one of our current sanctuary homes on the market.
Pam Vanatta has a lot of experience with the Sanctuary homes, take a look at one of her current Sanctuary Real Estate listings here.

Luxury Homes & Mansions

Steamboat Springs is also home to some of the most majestic homes that can only be described simply as “breathtaking”; stunning homes that sit on anywhere from half-acre to over a hundred acres, where bedrooms and baths are plentiful, and you couldn’t ask for more gorgeous homes. Every detail of these homes have been meticulously thought out, including all the finishes, hand crafted cabinets, doors, and route iron banisters to ultimate breathtaking design. Whether you are looking for a full movie theater, massive fireplaces, a perfect home for entertaining guests, having parties or just enjoying the peaceful mountains and views in Steamboat, we will surely be able to find something that fits your style.
Could this be the luxury home for you?

Log Homes

Log cabins and homes are reminiscent of a different time and place, and fit in perfectly all throughout Steamboat Springs. We often have lots of log cabins available on our site, and they are a perfect choice for everyone from local skiing enthusiasts, to families looking to settle in the area. Log cabins offer a rustic look and blend in very well with the natural look of this beautiful Rocky Mountain region.
Don’t miss our current listing for this log home for sale in Steamboat.


Space is plentiful in Steamboat Springs, especially if you are considering purchasing a ranch. A ranch provides a living estate on either farming land or a mountain landscape, which includes multiple structures primarily focused towards farming or ranching. Although there is not a minimum amount of space that qualifies a property as a ranch, typically you will see ranches in Steamboat with breathtaking acreage and views. We can thank the settlers, ranches and homesteaders for making Northwest Colorado such a large ranching community ever since the early 1900s. The heritage still very present in the community today. Nothing compares to looking out the windows of your home with nothing but soft blankets of snow covering the earth during one of the glorious 3 wire winters.

Click to view this Colorado Ranch for sale.

No matter what it is you are looking for, Steamboat Estates has all the luxury log homes/mansions, quaint cabins, family homes, townhomes and condos you could ask for. We look forward to talking to you about Steamboat Springs, as well as helping you find the perfect home for you and your family.