About Steamboat

Downtown Steamboat
The Pinnacle of Mountain Real Estate

You’ve envisioned it more than a few times: Waking up from a great night’s sleep next to a cozy fire, and then walking onto your flagstone patio, the crisp morning air greeting you. Next, you take in the panoramic sights of the high Rockies, your backdrop to another gorgeous day.  Where else but Steamboat, with its friendly, down-home values, will you find the quintessential Colorado community and your way to wonder?



Steamboat Springs is high mountains and happy residents. Think Colorado without fences and a fine shine on the day. Every day.

Any time of year is the right time of year in Steamboat. Year-round Steamboat boasts marked distinctions from other resort communities – making it the ideal location for your upcoming vacation, retirement, or new home.

Special every season

In fact, besides winter, there are three fabulous seasons of Steamboat Springs: The fall brings brilliant colors of amber, violet and dusky blue jutting through the horizon, and a bracing promise of the world-class ski season to come. The spring is a gentle awakening of life as the entire area prepares for a summer of endless fun.

Steamboat is committed to maintaining its western roots while encouraging enjoyment of the finer things in life. In fact, Steamboat just celebrated the 100th annual Winter Carnival, one of the longest running carnivals in the Colorado.

Isn’t it time you actually DID wake up in Steamboat?

Time you actually got to enjoy your own delicious parcel of breath-taking Colorado mountain real estate? Find out how – call Pam Vanatta at (970) 291-8100.